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Engineering is the application of scientific and technical knowledge to solve human problems. Engineers use imagination, judgment and reasoning to apply science, technology, mathematics, and practical experience. The result is the design, production, and operation of useful objects or processes.
Telecommunication involves the transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. Today this process almost always involves the tranmission of electromagnetic waves by electronic transmitters but in earlier years telecommunications may have involved the use of smoke signals, drums or semaphore. Today, telecommunication is widespread and devices that assist telecommunication such as the television, radio and telephone are ubiquitous in many parts of the world. There also a vast array of networks that connect these devices including computer networks, public telephone networks, radio networks and television networks. Computers communicating across the Internet is just one of many examples of telecommunication.

Felicidades Juan Manuel Márquez Méndez!

Hasta que se hizo Justicia! Ahora sí se no se la pudieron robar!

Congratulations Juan Manuel, You are the best!

We all know you won all the fights against the filipino!


Ing. Luis Gilberto López Díaz

 Chief Engineer Giloz Inc.